Product Description

Turntable – TP 10 – DJ Player with Bluetooth

Record Turntables are used in a wide range of applications, from HiFi and Home Audio, to DJ'ing and Producing. Record players have a turntable platter which is where the vinyl record sits, the turntable is rotated by a drive system. The late 60s saw the introduction of direct drive turntables, the motor in a direct drive turntable is located directly beneath the platter - this makes them more consistent and accurate when mixing, proving them to be ideal for DJs who require accuracy when scratching and beatmatching.

Belt drive turntables are used in home audio and HiFi settings. The motor on a belt drive turntable is isolated from the platter, this configuration eliminates vibrations and contributes to greater audio quality overall.

Key Features:

  • Auto Stop.
  • 3 – Step (33-1/3, 45 & 78 rpm) Turntable.
  • Bluetooth Transmitter.
  • Line Out.
  • Power Adapter: 9V 500mA.
  • Unit Size (W x D x H): 330x 370x100mm.


Power Adaptor

9V 500mA


330x 370x100mm

Product Specifications

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