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Talat Aziz - Images Ghazals - 2675 504 – 2LP Set

Talat Aziz (born 11th Nov, 1956) is a popular ghazal singer from Hyderabad, India.Born in Hyderabad, India to Abdul Azeem Khan and Sajida Abid, a famous Urdu writer and poet. He went to Hyderabad Public School when he finished his ISC and then joined The Indian Institute of Management and Commerce for his B.Com (Hons) Course.His family loved fine arts and used to organize Mehfils in their house, inviting artists and poets like Jagjit Singh, Jan Nisaar Akhtar (the father of the famous writer Javed Akhtar) to name a few. This greatly influenced him and he started learning music from an early age. He is Sania Mirza's uncle.Talat Aziz took his initial training in music from Kirana Gharana. He was trained primarily by Ustad Samad Khan and later by Ustad Fayaz Ahmed who were famous classical music singers. After the initial training, Talat decided to learn music from music maestro Mehdi Hassan. On many occasions, like on a concert tour of the US and Canada in 1986, he shared the stage with him on concerts in India and abroad.His first major performance was in Hyderabad at King Kothi. He sang before a crowd of over 5,000. He sang Kaise Sukoon Paoon and some ghazals by noted shaayars of Hyderabad. Though he was nervous at his first performance in front of audience, he performed well. After his graduation he moved to Bombay in 1976 on a suggestion from Jagjit Singh. He also trained under classical music Ustad Samaad Khan and Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, and for his ghazal training he became a disciple of Mehdi Hassan in 1978. With the help of Jagjit he released his first album in 1979, Jagjit Singh Presents Talat Aziz. But for several years he was to struggle for a living. Talat also sang some ghazals in films like Umrao Jaan and Bazaar, which were super-hit.

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Talat Aziz - Images Ghazals - 2675 504

Releasing Year



Talat Aziz


Talat Aziz & Fayyaz Ahmed Khan


Sehzaad, Behzaad Lucknovi, Mumtaz Rashid, Qateel Shifai, Wali Aasi, Abdul Hai Anjum, Jaleel & Qabil Ajmeri






Music India

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Music India Ltd.

Serial No.

2675 504

Record One Side One

  • Tum Nagma-E-Maah Ho

Talat Aziz

  • Kho Na Jaaye Kahin

Talat Aziz

  • Khushk Hi Sahi Aankhen

Talat Aziz

  • Koi Maqaam-E-Sukoon

Talat Aziz

Record One Side Two 

  • Teri Aankhon Mein Jab Khilte Huye

Talat Aziz

  • Baharen Ab Yahan Aayengi

Talat Aziz

  • Namabar Apna Hawaon Ko Bananewale

Talat Aziz

  • Raat Phir Barsi Hain

Talat Aziz

Record Two Side One  

  • Bik Gaye Bazaar Mein

Talat Aziz

  • Kis Shaan Se Woh Aaj

Talat Aziz

  • Aaj Dil Beqaraar Sa Kyon Hai

Talat Aziz

Record Two Side Two 

  • Kabhi Chirag Ki Soorat

Talat Aziz

  • Kuch Adhure Khwab

Talat Aziz

  • In Jheel Si Neeli Aankhon Mein

Talat Aziz



12 Inches


33 RPM

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Record Details
Releasing Year : 1982
Label : Music India
Language : Urdu
Genre : Ghazals
Speed : 33 RPM
Size : 12 Inches
Singer - 1 : Talat Aziz
Music - 1 : Talat Aziz
Music - 2 : Fayyaz Ahmed Khan
Lyrics - 1 : Behzaad Lucknovi
Lyrics - 2 : Mumtaz Rashid
Lyrics - 3 : Qateel Shifai
Lyrics - 4 : Wali Aasi
Lyrics - 5 : Abdul Hai Anjum
Lyrics - 6 : Jaleel
Lyrics - 7 : Qabil Ajmeri
Lyrics - 8 : Sehzaad
Record 1
Record1 - Side1 - Song1 : Tum Nagma-E-Maah Ho
Record1 - Side1 - Song2 : Kho Na Jaaye Kahin
Record1 - Side1 - Song3 : Khushk Hi Sahi Aankhen
Record1 - Side1 - Song4 : Koi Maqaam-E-Sukoon
Record1 - Side2 - Song1 : Teri Aankhon Mein Jab Khilte Huye
Record1 - Side2 - Song3 : Namabar Apna Hawaon Ko Bananewale
Record1 - Side2 - Song4 : Raat Phir Barsi Hain
Record1 - Side2 - Song2 : Baharen Ab Yahan Aayengi
Record 2
Record2 - Side1 - Song1 : Bik Gaye Bazaar Mein
Record2 - Side1 - Song2 : Kis Shaan Se Woh Aaj
Record2 - Side1 - Song3 : Aaj Dil Beqaraar Sa Kyon Hai
Record2 - Side2 - Song1 : Kabhi Chirag Ki Soorat
Record2 - Side2 - Song2 : Kuch Adhure Khwab
Record2 - Side2 - Song3 : In Jheel Si Neeli Aankhon Mein
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