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Smokey Robinson - 6064 TL - Cover Reprinted - LP Record
Record Details
Title Smokey Robinson - 6064 TL
Producer Berry Gordy 
Releasing Year 1981
Genre Private Songs
Language English
Label Music India
Made In India
Manufacture Music india Ltd. 
Serial No. 6064 TL
Side One
  • Blame It On Love(With Barbarea Mitchell)
(D. Deluce & T. Munda)
  • Just Like You 
(J. Pescetto)
  • Don't Play Another Love Song 
(D. Deluce & G. Thomas)
  • Tell Me Tomorrow 
(G. Thomas & M. Piccirllo)
  • Being With You 
(W. Robinson)
Side Two
  • Crusin 
 (W. Robinson & M.Tarplin)
  • If You Wanna make Love(Come "Round Here")
(W. Robinson)
  • Just A Touch Away 
(D. De Luces & T. Munda)
  • Baby Come Close 
(W. Robinson, P. Moffett & M.Tarplin)
  • Let Me Be The Clock 
(W. Robinson)
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent (Reprinted) 



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