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Salil Chowdhury – Magical Moments – 2428-8002 – LP Record
Salil Chowdhury (Bengali: সলিল চৌধুরী; 19 November 1925 – 5 September 1995) was an Indian songwriter, music director, lyricist, writer, and poet who predominantly composed for Bengali, Hindi, and Malayalam films. He composed music for films in 13 languages. This includes over 75 Hindi films, 41 Bengali films, around 27 Malayalam films, and a few Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Odia and Assamese films. His musical ability was widely recognised[2] and acknowledged in the Indian film industry. He was an accomplished composer and arranger who was proficient in several musical instruments, including flute, the piano, and the esraj. He was also widely acclaimed and admired for his inspirational and original poetry in Bengali.


The first Bengali film for which Chowdhury composed music was Paribortan, released in 1949. Mahabharati, released in 1994, was the last of the 41 Bengali films where he rendered his music. He is affectionately called Salilda by his admirers.

Record Details
Title Salil Chowdhury – Magical Moments – 2428-8002
Singer Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Subir Sen, Sabita Chowdhury & Asha Bhosle
Music Salil Chowdhury
Genre Film Hits
Releasing Year 2022
Language Bengali
Label Inreco
Made In India
Manufacture Inreco Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Serial No. 2428-8002
Side One 
·        O amar sajani go Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar
·        Aaj noi gun gun Lata Mangeshkar
·        Dharanir dhulipathe Subir Sen
·        Biswapita tumi hey Sabita Chowdhury
Side Two
·        Mone pade sei sab din Kishore Kumar
·        Ore mon gun gun Sabita Chowdhury
·        Pagol haowa Subir Sen
·        O ghumer moyna pakhi Asha Bhosle
·        Aaj tabe ei tuku thak Lata Mangeshkar
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Mint
Cover Condition Mint

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