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Premi Gangaram - ECLP 8907 - LP Record

Gangaram (I.S. Johar) lives in a small village in Punjab. The only quality he possesses is a good singing voice. He is in love with Jamuna and the whole village knows about their affair. But Jamuna's father is not happy with Gangaram, so he uses various methods to separate the two. However all his efforts fail and he takes Jamuna away to the city. Gangaram follows his beloved to the city and searches every street to find her. During his search, he accidentally meets Leela, a social worker whom he saves from some goons. He accepts Leela as his sister and stays with her. Leela is in love with Satish, whose father is very greedy and is against Satish and Leela's marriage. Satish's father fixes his marriage with Jamuna. Leela's social work has created some enemies for her, among them is a looter who is a friend of Satish's father. He abducts Leela but again Gangaram saves her. Satish's father forces Satsih to marry Jamuna but Gangaram plans a plot where he changes the bride Jamuna with Leela. Thus Satish marries Leela. Later Gangaram wins a prize for facilitaing the arrest of the goon and ultimately Jamuna's father gets the two married.
Record Details
Title Premi Gangaram - ECLP 8907
Star Cast
Yogeeta Bali, Bindu, I.S. Johar, Satish Kaul, Ashok Kumar, Mehar Mittal & Tun Tun
Singer Mohd. Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Dilraj Kaur, Tun Tun & Omi
Director Jagdish Nirula
Producer Kapur Films International
Music Sonik Omi
Lyrics Verma Malik
Releasing Year 1977
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Punjabi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. ECLP 8907
Side One
  • Mera Tennu Vee Salam 
Mohd. Rafi
  • Ladu Vanddigali De Vichun Jawan 
Asha Bhosle & Chorus
  • Ik Mahi Dil Leke Nassgaya 
Asha Bhosle & Dilraj Kaur
  • Lana I Te Gall Naal La 
Mohd. Rafi & Dilraj Kaur
Side Two
  • Kunda Khol Meri 
Tun Tun & Omi
  • Bunwari Girdhari Sun Le Arz Hamari
Mohd. Rafi
  • Bilian Bilian Akhaan 
Asha Bhosle
  • Main Sola Di Tu Painthada
Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhosle
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent

Product Specifications

Record Details
Releasing Year : 1977
Label : HMV
Language : Punjabi
Genre : Original Soundtrack
Speed : 33 RPM
Size : 12 Inches
Side1 - Song1 : Mera Tennu Vee Salam
Side1 - Song2 : Ladu Vanddigali De Vichun Jawan
Side2 - Song3 : Bilian Bilian Akhaan
Side1 - Song4 : Lana I Te Gall Naal La
Side2 - Song1 : Kunda Khol Meri
Side2 - Song2 : Bunwari Girdhari Sun Le Arz Hamari
Side1 - Song3 : Ik Mahi Dil Leke Nassgaya
Side2 - Song4 : Main Sola Di Tu Painthada
Singer - 1 : Mohd. Rafi
Singer - 2 : Asha Bhosle
Singer - 3 : Dilraj Kaur
Singer - 4 : Omi
Singer - 5 : Tun Tun
Star - 1 : Yogeeta Bali
Star - 2 : Bindu
Star - 3 : I.S. Johar
Star - 4 : Satish Kaul
Star - 5 : Ashok Kumar
Star - 6 : Mehar Mittal
Star - 7 : Tun Tun
Director - 1 : Jagdish Nirula
Producer - 1 : Kapur Films International
Music - 1 : Sonik
Music - 2 : Omi
Lyrics - 1 : Verma Malik
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