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Mere Mehboob - 3AEX 5028 - (Condition - 85-90%) - Angel First Pressing - Cover Good Condition - LP Record

While studying in Aligarh, Anwar Hussain Anwar falls in love with a veiled woman and is unable to get her out of his mind. Enroute to Lucknow, they meet with Nawab Buland Akhtar Changezi, and subsequently meet with him a few days later so that he can use his influence to secure an editor's job for Anwar with a magazine. Nawab then asks Anwar to teach his sister, Husna, some poetry, to which he agrees, and eventually finds that she is the very same veiled woman. Both fall in love with each other and the Nawab approves of this alliance even though Anwar lives a poor lifestyle. The formal engagement ceremony takes place and arrangements are made for the wedding to take place soon. The heavily indebted Nawab does not realize that soon he will find Anwar in the company of a lowly courtesan, Najma; and pressure will be brought on him to get Husna to marry wealthy Munne Raja - who is all set to auction the former's mansion as well as belongings.
Record Details
Title Mere Mehboob - 3AEX 5028
Star Cast
Ashok Kumar, Rajendra Kumar,Sadhana, Nimmi, Johny Walker, Pran, Sunder, Ameeta, Malika, Mumtaz Begum, Praveen Paul
Singer Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle
Director Harnam Singh Rawail
Producer Harnam Singh Rawail
Music Naushad
Lyrics Shakeel Badayuni
Releasing Year 1963
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label Angel First Pressing
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No 3AEX 5028
Side One
  • Mere Mehboob Tujhe
Mohd Rafi
  • Mere Mehboob Men Kya Nahin
Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle
  • Aye Husn Zara Jag
Mohd Rafi
  • Allah Bachaye Naujawano Se
Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus
Side Two
  • Mere Mehboob Tujhe
Lata Mangeshkar
  • Tere Pyar Men Dildar
Lata Mangeshkar
  • Tum Se Izhare Hal
Mohd Rafi
  • Jane Man Ek Nazar Dekh Le
Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle & Chorus
  • Yad Men Teri
Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd Rafi
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition 85-90%
Cover Condition Good

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