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Lawrence Tibbett (Baritone) - DA. 886 78RPM
Lawrence Mervil Tibbett (November 16, 1896 – July 15, 1960) was a famous American opera singer and recording artist who also performed as a film actor and radio personality. A baritone, he sang leading roles with the New York Metropolitan Opera company more than 600 times from 1923 to 1950. He performed diverse musical theatre roles, including Captain Hook in Peter Pan in a touring show.
Record Details
Title Lawrence Tibbett (Baritone) - DA. 886
Singer Lawrence Tibbett
Lyrics Callcott
Instruments Orchestra
Genre Western Classical (Instrumental)
Language English
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No. DA. 886
Side One
  • Drink To Me Only With Thin Eyes
Side Two
  • Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms 
Size 10Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent

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