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Hum Kisise Kum Naheen - PEALP 2005 - (Condition - 75-80%) - Cover Book Fold - Cover Reprinted - LP Record

Hum Kisise Kum Naheen (We are not less than Anyone) is a 1977 Hindi action film, produced and directed by Nasir Hussain. It became a "super hit" and took the third top spot at the box office in 1977.The movie stars Rishi Kapoor, Kaajal Kiran, Tariq Khan, Amjad Khan, Zeenat Aman, Om Shivpuri, Jalal Agha and Tom Alter. The story begins with a wealthy man selling his entire estate in Africa, converting it to diamonds. He carries them in a belt. He suffers a heart attack in the washroom and requests a passerby to deliver the diamonds to his son, Rajesh (Rishi Kapoor). The man is chased by goons who are after the diamonds. He hides them in a bicycle toolbox. The bicycle belongs to Sanjay Kumar (Tariq Khan), who is unaware that his bicycle has 25 crore rupees worth of diamonds hidden in its toolbox. Saudagar Singh (Amjad Khan) is after the diamonds. He and his partner Ranbir Kumar Dana set a trap for Rajesh telling a false story to him. The whole plot is speedy after that with Rajesh pretending as Manjeet Kumar Dana is to fall in love with Kajal (Kajal Kiran) who is in love with her childhood love, Sanjay. There are a series of meetings between the two. A few years ago when motherless Kajal's father Kishorilal was in deep financial crisis, Sanjay's father gave shelter to him, who has now become filthy rich. The promise of getting Sanjay and Kajol married is forgotten when Kishorilal insults them and forgets the promise that was made years prior. To unfold the plot, Sanjay becomes Manjeet's manager. Saudagar uses Manjeet to get the diamonds himself in the climax. The soundtrack was composed by R.D. Burman. It included nine original songs. The song "Bachna Ae Haseeno" was one of the biggest chart-busters of 1977 and was the title of film produced by Yash Chopra Films in 2007. This film was released at a time when the Swedish pop group ABBA were at the peak of their popularity all over the world, including in India. One of their songs "Honey Honey" was featured in the movie, playing in the background just before the song "Kya Hua Tera Waada" begins. The song "Mil Gaya Humko Saathi" that is sung by Kajal during the competition is heavily inspired from the ABBA smash hit song "Mamma Mia.

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Hum Kisise Kum Naheen - PEALP 2005

Star Cast

Rishi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman, Tariq, Kaajal Kiran, Amjad Khan, Om Shivpuri, Kamal Kapoor, Rinku, Vimal Ahuja,  & Murad


Nasir Husain


Nasir Husain


Rahul Dev Burman


Mohd. Rafi , Kishore Kumar, Rahul Dev Burman, Asha Bhosle & Sushama Shrshtha


Majrooh Sultanpuri

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No.

PEALP 2005

Side One

  • Chand Mera Dil

Mohd. Rafi & Chorus

  • Ah Dil Kya Mahfil Hai

Kishore Kumar & Chorus

  • Tum Kya Jaano

Rahul Dev Burman

  • Mil Gaya Ham Ko Saathi

Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar & Chorus

  • Hum Kisise Kum Naheen (Qawwali)

Mohd. Rafi, Asha Bhosle & Chorus

Side Two

  • Bachna Ae Haseeno

Kishore Kumar & Chorus

  • Kya Hua Tera Wada

Mohd. Rafi & Sushama Shrshtha

  • Yeh Ladka Hai Allah

Asha Bhosle & Mohd. Rafi 

  • Hum Ko To Yaara Teri Yari

Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition

Excellent  (Reprinted)

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