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Goombay Dance Band Seven Tears - EPIC 10025 - LP Record

The Goombay Dance Band is a German based band of the 1970s created by Oliver Bendt. The band is named after a small bay on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.Their music has a distinctive sound (somewhat similar to Boney M.), a mixture of Caribbean soca or calypso and western pop. The group built up a fan base across Europe and in total released some 15 singles between 1979 and 1985, within which time they enjoyed their greatest commercial success. They proved very popular in South Africa too, where "Sun of Jamaica" and "Aloha-Oe" topped the singles charts. "Seven Tears" also charted, becoming Number One in the U.K. Singles Charts on 23 March 1982, while "Rain" and "Eldorado" also proved popular.

Record Details
Title Goombay Dance Band Seven Tears - EPIC 10025
Producer Jochen Petersen & Michael Gretu 
Movie Releasing Year 1982
Genre Private Songs
Language English
Label EPIC
Made In India
Manufacture CBS Gramophone Records & Tapes (India) Ltd.  
Serial No. EPIC 10025
Side One
  • Seven Tears
(W.E. Stein/ W.Jass)
  • Cherokee
(M.Reinecke / J.d Paker- Tanja)
  • Rain
(B. Dietrich/ G. Gradbowki)
  • Child Of The Sun 
(J. Petersen/W.e. Sterin/ W.Jass)
  • Under The Sun, Moon And Stars
  • Gunantanamera
(Trad Arr: J.Petersen/J.D.Parker- Tanja
  • My Bonny
Side Two
  • Marrakesh

(M.Cretu/ M. Kunze)

  • The Magician
  • Eldorado 
(W.e. Sterin/W.Jass)
  • Ave Maria No Morro 
 (H. Martins/ P.Pavey)
  • Montezuma
(M. Mertain/B.Wener/D.Storey)
  • We'Ll Ride The Wave Together
(Trad Arr:J.Petersen/J.d. Parker-Tanja)
  • Sun Of Jamaica
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent

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