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Folk Songs And Dances Of India - 33SX 1115

In this recording the instruments used and the allmale cast of artistes are as follows : Veena, a Seven stringed instrument perhaps the oldest in Indian and today the most popular in South India, and violin are flute by B. Chatterji : Tamoora, the four stringed instrument providing he drone and also Tablas, Alarippu, Jatiswaram, Padam, Thillana, Natanam Adinar, Kathak Solo, Menaka Dance, Sita-Apaharan, Rabari Ras, Rumal Dance, Katchi Ghori, Puppet Dance, Sigiriya Frescoes, Releasing year  1958.
Record Details
Title Folk Songs And Dances Of India - 33SX 1115
Releasing Year  1961
Genre Indian Classical (Vocal)
Language Hindi
Label Columbia 
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Limited
Serial No. 33SX 1115
Side One
  • Alarippu – Bharata Natyam
  • Jatiswaram –Bharata Natyam
  • Padam – Bharata Natyam
  • Thillana – Bharata Natyam
  • Natanam Adinar – The Dance Of Shiv
  • Kathak Solo
Side Two
  • Menaka Dance – Kathak
  • Sita – Apaharan –Abduction Of Sita
  • Rabari Ras (Folk Dance of Shepherds From Gujerat)
  • Rumal Dance – Scarf Dance In The Spring Festival
  • Katchi Ghori – Horse Dance From Rajasthan
  • Puppet Dance – From Sorth India
  • Sigiriya Frescors – Kandyan Dance
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent


Product Specifications

Record Details
Releasing Year : 1961
Label : Columbia
Language : Hindi
Genre : Indian Classical (Vocal)
Speed : 33 RPM
Size : 12 Inches
Side1 - Song1 : Alarippu (Opening Dance of Invocation - Bharat Natyam)
Side1 - Song2 : Jatiswaram (Bharat Natyam)
Side2 - Song3 : Rabari Ras (Folk Dance of Shepherds From Gujerat)
Side1 - Song4 : Thillana (Bharat Natyam)
Side1 - Song5 : Natanam Adinar (The Dance of Shiva)
Side2 - Song1 : Menaka Dance (Kathak)
Side2 - Song2 : Sita Apaharan (Abduction of Sita)
Side1 - Song3 : Padam (Bharat Natyam)
Side2 - Song4 : Rumal Dance (Scarf Dance In The Spring Festival)
Side2 - Song5 : Katchi Ghori (Horse Dance From Rajasthan)
Side1 - Song6 : Kathak Solo
Side2 - Song6 : Puppet Dance (From South India)
Side2 - Song7 : Sigiriya Frescoes (Kandyan Dance)
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