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Dilwale – 8907011105880 - LP Record

One day in Goa Veer befriends a passer-by Ishita by helping her injuring his car in the process. For penance, his elder brother Raj makes him fix it during which Veer sleeps and awakes to find that the car’s sound system has been stolen. The men of a local gang leader, King, try to sell drugs at a crab shack. Veer beats them up after they threaten Ishita. They then come back later to exact revenge on Veer, but Raj breaks up the fight. Raj visits him in hospital and learns King's hideout. He goes there, incapacitates the gang members, and burns their drug stash. Raj tells King’s men his original name, Kaali. King stops by Raj’s shop the next day to present a deal where Raj will fix all of King’s cars in exchange for protection. Bulgaria 1995. Raj accidentally runs over Meena while a car chase. When he gets out to help her, the rival gang catches up with him, and he has to leave. Next day, he reveals that he is the son of Randhir Bakshi. The next day, after a car crash, Raj is confronted by Meera, who actually is the daughter of rival gang’s leader, Malik. She reveals that she betrayed him on her father's advice though sparing his life. Later, Raj saves Meera from dying, promising to kill if he sees her again. She forgives him and declares her love. They make plans to tell their parents about their relationship. The film flashes back to Goa, where Veer discovers that Siddhu poisoned his coffee and stole the sound system. Veer is upset, but Siddhu explains it is for his girlfriend, Jenny. They agree to help each other secure girlfriends. As a consequence, Veer reveals his feelings to Ishita. Upon finding out about their relationship, Raj wants to meet Ishita’s family. When Raj visits there, he discovers that Meera is Ishita’s older sister. After talks, Malik agrees to meet Randhir, but, secretly, he plans to kill him. The meeting breaks into a shootout, during which Malik and Randhir shoot each other. Meera finds Raj with the gun, for which she shoots him; however, he survives the gunshot. Both Meera and Raj decide to move far away from Bulgaria and start a new life. Now in Goa, Veer and Ishita come up with several plots to bring Meera and Raj together. Mani steals King’s car and brings it to the shop, where Veer discovers drugs and burns them. King comes to Meera’s house one night, but Raj, as Kaali, shows up and stops them from causing her any harm. King asks Meera about Kaali which she refuses sparing Raj's life. Meera issues an ultimatum that in order to marry Ishita, Veer must move in with Meera. Meera also tells him that Raj is adopted and not his blood brother. Raghav tells Meera that Raj did not kill Malik, but that Randhir had shot Malik in return to his. Upon learning this, Meera apologises and allows Veer that he can take Ishita his home. At Siddhu and Jenny's wedding, King shows up to his stolen car. King starts to cause a disturbance, but Raj beats him up. King then tries to shoot Raj, but accidentally shoots Meera who tries to save Raj, however Meera survives and King gets beaten to death. Raj and Meera reunite in hospital.

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Dilwale - 8907011105880

Star Cast

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Varun Sharma, Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, Pankaj Tripathi, Boman Irani, Vinod Khanna, Kabir Bedi, Nawab Shah & Chetna Pande


Rohit Shetty


Gauri Khan & Rohit Shetty


Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra, Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda, Arjun Iyer, Kanika Kapoor, Benny Dayal, Neha Kakkar, Siddharth Mahadevan & Nakash Aziz


Pritam Chakraborty


Amitabh Bhattacharya

Releasing Year


Made In



Original Soundtrack







Serial No.


Side One

·        Gerua

Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra

·        Manma Emotion Jaage

Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda & Antara Mitra

·        Janam Janam

Arijit Singh & Antara Mitra

·        Tukur Tukur

Arijit Singh

·        Janam Janam (Mikey McCleary Mix)

Arjun Iyer & Kanika Kapoor

Side Two

·       Daayre

Arijit Singh

·      Premika

Benny Dayal, Kanika Kapoor & Jonita Gandhi

·       Gerua - EDM Festive Mix (DJ Shilpi Mix)

Arijit Singh & Antara Mitra

·       Tukur Tukur - Celebration Mix (DJ Shilpi Mix)

Arjit Singh, Neha Kakkar, Kanika Kapoor, Siddharth Mahadevan & Nakash Aziz

·      Theme Of Dilwale (DJ Chetas Mix)

Arijit Singh



12 Inches


33 RPM

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Cover Condition


Product Specifications

Record Details
Releasing Year : 2015
Label : Sony
Language : Hindi
Genre : Original Soundtrack
Speed : 33 RPM
Size : 12 Inches
Side1 - Song1 : Gerua
Side1 - Song2 : Manma Emotion Jaage
Side2 - Song3 : Gerua - EDM Festive Mix (DJ Shilpi Mix)
Side1 - Song4 : Tukur Tukur
Side1 - Song5 : Janam Janam (Mikey McCleary Mix)
Side2 - Song1 : Daayre
Side2 - Song2 : Premika
Side1 - Song3 : Janam Janam
Side2 - Song4 : Tukur Tukur - Celebration Mix (DJ Shilpi Mix)
Side2 - Song5 : Theme Of Dilwale (DJ Chetas Mix)
Singer - 1 : Arijit Singh
Singer - 2 : Antara Mitra
Singer - 3 : Amit Mishra
Singer - 4 : Anushka Manchanda
Singer - 5 : Arjun Iyer
Singer - 6 : Kanika Kapoor
Singer - 7 : Benny Dayal
Singer - 8 : Neha Kakkar
Singer - 9 : Siddharth Mahadevan
Singer - 10 : Nakash Aziz
Star - 1 : Shah Rukh Khan
Star - 2 : Kajol
Star - 3 : Varun Dhawan
Star - 4 : Kriti Sanon
Star - 5 : Varun Sharma
Star - 6 : Johnny Lever
Star - 7 : Sanjay Mishra
Star - 8 : Mukesh Tiwari
Star - 9 : Pankaj Tripathi
Star - 10 : Boman Irani
Director - 1 : Rohit Shetty
Producer - 1 : Gauri Khan
Producer - 2 : Rohit Shetty
Music - 1 : Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics - 1 : Amitabh Bhattacharya
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