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Debabrata Biswas – The Best Of – Vol.1 – 1424-8003 – LP Record
Debabrata Biswas (also known as George Biswas and George-da; 22 August 1911 – 18 August 1980), was an Indian Rabindra Sangeet singer. Biswas was born in 1911 in Barisal and then later came to Kishoreganj of Mymensingh district of British colonial undivided Bengal province of India. It was the time when King George V was visiting India for the Delhi Durbar, so he was nicknamed George. He was popularly called George Biswas and George Da. Biswas’ music was notable for its exceptional depth of emotional expression combined with an exploration of the subtle dramatic element in Tagore’s lyrics. His early gramophone recordings of Tagore songs brought out in the early 1940s demonstrate soulful full-throated expression of melody with a strict adherence to the rules and norms of tradition, written and unwritten, which he felt obliged to break in the early 1960s – considered by most to be his heyday up to the year 1969. His renderings in this period show amazing power of voice and modulation, compounded with an overt emotional expression of a kind hitherto unpractised by his contemporaries and even himself. His voice at this period ranged at ease within the three octaves and with varied tempos and rhythms and showed a greater variety of emotional expression from the thunderous and rumbling to the soft and mellow. Somewhat audacious and overpowering in his personal feelings and mores, his enunciation of the words of even the most familiar of Tagore’s lyrics extracted new meanings and freshness from the compositions. Some of his renditions that go deep into the heart of Bengalis include Akash bhora surjo tara, Purano sei diner kotha, E monihar amay nahi saje, Klanti amar khoma koro probhu, Je ratey mor duarguli, Tomar kache e bor magi, Chokher joler laglo joar, Swapne amar mone holo, among others.
Record Details
Title Debabrata Biswas – The Best Of – Vol.1 – 1424-8003
Singer Debabrata Biswas
Genre Private Songs
Releasing Year 2022
Language Bengali
Label Inreco
Made In India
Manufacture Inreco Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Serial No. 1424-8003
Side One 
·        Akashbhara Surjo Tara Debabrata Biswas
·        Ami Chanchal Hey Debabrata Biswas
·        Purano Sei Diner Katha Debabrata Biswas
·        Sunil Sagarer Shyamal Kinare Debabrata Biswas
·        Udashini Beshe Bideshini Ke Se Debabrata Biswas
·        Tomar Holo Shuru Debabrata Biswas
Side Two
·        Pran Bhoriye Trisha Horiye Debabrata Biswas
·        Klanti Amar Kshama Karo Debabrata Biswas
·        E Monihar Amay Nahi Saje Debabrata Biswas
·        Achhe Dukkha Achhe Mrityu Debabrata Biswas
·        Tomar Kachhe E Bar Magi Debabrata Biswas
·        Amar Hiyar Majhe Lukiye Chhile Debabrata Biswas
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Mint
Cover Condition Mint

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