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CUCKOO - 3 SPEED RECORD PLAYER/TURNTABLE - BLUE - With USB SD & Bluetooth - 1583005000

This turntable is almost as light as the small laptop PC, Suitcase design, the look is stylish yet rustic, there is a cover on the top to protect it. , so don't worried about the dust. WIRELESS RECORD PLAYER/TURNTABLE WITH Classic Vintage Portable Style Suitcase - Support USB SD Play, Bluetooth & Amplifier

Best gift for the one you love Would you still bother how to choose a gift for you parents, friends or lover, over the upcoming festivals? With its gift shape design portable turntable, is the greatest present. Easy operation with multifunction, outstanding speaker sound not only brings you an unforgettable festival but also give you a great music treat. Features Ease of Transportation It is made of a lightweight material which is wood but one that is of the highest quality and you can expect it to be durable, it is easy to transport from one place to the other. You don't have to worry about it taking too much space in the car if you have to take it anywhere. Great Sound The fact that it has a headphone jack is what is just amazing about this vinyl player. This will enable you to listen to your music as you are on the move, and it also supports Bluetooth, so you are covered when it comes to this one. Compatibility It is Bluetooth as well as SD card input and USB compatible so that you can also listen to the music on your other devices in that vintage feeling that this player brings. Where can you use it? This is actually the part where it gets even interesting because you can use this anywhere you want. The fact that it is Bluetooth enabled should tell you that you can carry it in your car or have it in your home. This is great news for anyone that wants something like such as this in their office for those moments that you want to relax and just listen to some good old music. This proves that this vinyl record player is something that is worth having in not just your home but anywhere that you feel like you want to listen to your favourite songs.

Key Features:

•       3 speed 33/45/78rpm speed

•       Inbuilt Speakers

•       Ceramic Cartridge

•       SD card slot

•       Mode selection key

•       Playing selection: LP, USB, SD, Bluetooth

•       Bluetooth as default

•       Auto and manual stop selection switch

•       USB slot (USB charging 5V/2A)

•       Speed selection switch

•       Power on/off and Volume control knob

•       Short time knob press to power on (under power off status)

•       Long time knob press to power off (under power on status)

•       Rotate left/right to turn up/down the volume

•       Headphone Jack

•       Light Indicator

•       Power Adaptor jack

•       RCA output jack (for active speaker)

•       Aux in jack

•       Brass Buckle

•       Brass slot

•       Handle

Product Information:


Item Number



5W+5W = 10W

Available Colours

Burly wood, Blue, Turquoise, Red & Black

Made in


Product Dimension (HXLXW)

4.5X10X13 inches


3 KG


1 Year

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