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Chandan Dass - Ghazal Usne Chhedi - 2675 528 - 2LP Set

Chandan Dass (born 12 March 1956) is a popular Indian ghazal singer.Chandan Dass began singing ghazals from the age of eight, when he started training under the tutelage of Ustad Moosa Khan. He was also trained in classical music under Pandit Mani Prasad of Delhi, a great stalwart and purist of the highest realm.His first album was released in 1982, when Talat Aziz discovered and introduced him to Music India Ltd. His maiden album was an instant hit and inspired him to make many more albums. He released a number of albums and cassettes. He has composed music for all his albums and has sung for many popular TV serials and films. He also used to perform on Doordarshan, India's national Television Network, in the serial Sugam Sangeet.[1] in 1980s along with Penaz Masani, Raj Kumar Rizvi, Rajendra Mehta and Neena Mehta. His achievements in the field of music can be seen from the various awards he has got throughout his career. His album "Deewangi (Hindi: दीवानगी) Erotomania" was a trendsetter. Apart from being one of the most popular ghazal singers in recent times, Dass has also been composing music for mainstream Bollywood movies.Chandan Dass considers Mehdi Hassan the father of ghazals and likes to encourage aspirants to keep the trend of ghazals as a music genre alive in India. His aim has always been to give the audiences good music and to reach out to people and touch their hearts. Chandan's compositions and ghazals are of a high order and the rendering is well balanced, flawless and of clear diction.Chandan Dass is married to Yamini Dass and has one son, Namit Das, who is an actor and singer. His brother-in-law Jaidev Kumar is a famous Punjabi music director.Chandan Dass has given innumerable live performances, not only all over India but also abroad. His shows have been highly appreciated, applauded and raved about by the audiences who have heard him. He has created a niche in the hearts of the masses and stands like a pillar amongst the doyen of ghazal singers in the present era.

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Chandan Dass - Ghazal Usne Chhedi - 2675 528


Chandan Dass


Chandan Dass


Traditional, Nida Fazli, Ibrahim Ashk, Bashir Badr, Sibir Dutt., Yamini Dass & Mumtaz Rashid  

Releasing Year







Music India

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Music India Ltd.

Serial No.

2675 528

Record One Side One

  • Halka Halka Surur 


  • Ab Khushi Hai Na Koi Dard 


  • Chand Tare Yunhi 


Record One Side Two

  • Maan Mausam Ka Kahan 


  • Mausamon Ka Jawab 


  • Aa Bhi Jaa Aa Bhi Jaa


Record Two Side One 

  • Dhoop Bhari Chhat Pe


  • Chalte Chalte Paon 


  • Kabhi To Aasman Se Chand Utre


Record Two Side Two 

  • Kuchh Tabiyat Hi 


  • Sitam Hi Karna


  • Aakhri Khat Hai Mera




12 Inches


33 RPM

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Record Details
Releasing Year : 1985
Label : Music India
Language : Urdu
Genre : Ghazals
Speed : 33 RPM
Size : 12 Inches
Singer - 1 : Chandan Dass
Music - 1 : Chandan Dass
Lyrics - 1 : Traditional
Lyrics - 2 : Nida Fazli
Lyrics - 3 : Ibrahim Ashk
Lyrics - 4 : Bashir Badr
Lyrics - 5 : Sibir Dutt.
Lyrics - 6 : Yamini Dass
Lyrics - 7 : Mumtaz Rashid
Record 1
Record1 - Side1 - Song1 : Halka Halka Surur
Record1 - Side1 - Song2 : Ab Khushi Hai Na Koi Dard
Record1 - Side1 - Song3 : Chand Tare Yunhi
Record1 - Side2 - Song1 : Maan Mausam Ka Kahan
Record1 - Side2 - Song3 : Aa Bhi Jaa Aa Bhi Jaa
Record1 - Side2 - Song2 : Mausamon Ka Jawab
Record 2
Record2 - Side1 - Song1 : Dhoop Bhari Chhat Pe
Record2 - Side1 - Song2 : Chalte Chalte Paon
Record2 - Side1 - Song3 : Kabhi To Aasman Se Chand Utre
Record2 - Side2 - Song1 : Kuchh Tabiyat Hi
Record2 - Side2 - Song2 : Sitam Hi Karna
Record2 - Side2 - Song3 : Aakhri Khat Hai Mera
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