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Advaita – Grounded In Space – 75449300047 – Cover Book Fold – LP Record
Eight members— half of them from a rock background and the rest rooted in Hindustani classical making Advaita an eclectic band with mixed influences. Their debut album Grounded in Space released recently reflects the interesting fusion. The band which has been ruling Delhi for the last five years will try to break into other cities with their new album. Whether they’ll manage to do that or not only time will tell. It’s a good start though. Their first Mumbai gig since the album release will be alongside biggies like Pentagram and Medusa. Anindo Ghosh, the band’s keyboard player and composer says that the focus is on reaching out to as many people as they can. “Delhi is our home ground but we are also known outside the city. But we want to get to more cities, especially smaller ones as they have enough exposure to our kind of music,” he says. But there’s a lot more to the band that will raise interest. For one, it’s a rare band in terms of song writing. Sometimes the western vocals are teamed up with a sarangi and at times they work on harmonies. There’s a great mix of Hindi and English lyrics and in some cases it gets into the Hinglish and almost Bhojpuri mode. Is it easy for an eight member band coming from different influences to survive? “Everybody has their own influences and viewpoints. But so far there haven’t been any cons. The moment we start jamming it just flows and we keep adding our own bits,” reveals Ghosh. Things can go horribly wrong with eight musicians coming from different backgrounds and influences come together. But with Advaita you know that the sensibility is the same and without being forced. The band as the name suggests (Advaita borrows its name from an ancient Indian philosophy: ‘a’ (non) + ‘dvaita’ (dual) or non-duality) has a spiritual dimension. And the album title too mirrors the fact that the band is on a spiritual plane. “Different people come up with different interpretations,” they say. Bose says, “The band is very heavily spiritually connected but not devotional. Musically we meet on a common ground,” he ends.
Record Details
Title Advaita – Grounded In Space – 75449300047
Artist Advaita
Singer Advaita
Releasing Year 2009
Genre Indian Classical Vocal
Language Hindi
Label Black Grove Music
Made In EU
Manufacture Black Grove Music
Serial No. 75449300047
Side One
  • Rasiya
  • Suspended
  • Miliha
  • Ghir Ghir
  • Drops Of Earth
Side Two
  • Mere Yaar
  • So Lost
  • Durga
  • Hamsadhwani
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent

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